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21 de julio de 2024  

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21st EU BC&E - European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Fecha: 06/03/2013

Descripción del Evento:
The Conference will take place from 3 to 7 June 2013 at the Bella Center - Copenhagen, Denmark. It will be the International Biomass Conference in 2013.

The Conference will discuss major issues for the biomass markets, in technical and business areas, from resource assessment to market and policy developments, drawing on leading experiences from all over Europe and worldwide.

The event aims to encourage an international exchange of experience on policy, research and development, manufacturing and installation, and to be a showcase for the latest technologies.

The 2013 EU BC&E will be one of the leading annual meeting for the international biomass community.

The subjects of the 21st EU BC&E result from the experiences of the previous successful EU BC&E conferences. The subjects have been further developed and structured and include the most recent scientific, technology and market trends.

All biomass specialists are invited to contribute and to present innovative developments, progress and scientific results to the global biomass community.

Call for abstract is now open until 21st January 2013.

Dirección web: http://www.conference-biomass.com/

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